PS4™ Slim wall mount

Intended for vertical mounting the PS4™ Slim console

PS4™ PRO wall mount

Intended for vertical mounting the PS4™ PRO console

Dualshock4™ wall mount

Intended for vertical mounting controller

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The 4mount grips were produced with steel of 1,5 and 2 mm thickness to give you reliability.
While choosing the material we were motivated by its the biggest advantages, which are durability and endurance of the product.
Steel is an unique material, because of its ability to recycle, which nowadays is very important.
Structure of the paint is identical with a matt finish of Sony™ products, so the grips match perfectly with devices.


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PS4 PRO wall mount is ready

wall mount for the
PS4™ Slim console

pads to stabilize console
and to avoid vibration

steel construction, powder coated
in the color of the console

mounting accessories included

special profile for ventilation